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Two Fat Friends.

I have two friends who popped in to see me recently, both need to lose weight about three stones a piece. They have both allowed themselves to become overweight and fat.

I am not being hard and horrible, but you don't just wake up one morning, and God has put three stone on you just for fun, do you?

So this was a gradual lifestyle choose that they both made, over a period of time, over the last few years they have both said to me thousands of times. "I should exercise." "I should change the way I eat." "I shouldn't be having this."

Guess what? They both did nothing or did it in such inconsistent ways that it amounted to nothing, at least compared to what they did to put the weight on.

You have to work hard to get overweight, thousands of times choosing to do or not do things, that is a lot of work for something. You may be wondering why down the years I have not helped them? Well, I did but after a few times of offering unusual, practical ways to lose the weight and giving my time and knowledge for free, and they chose not to take my advice I stopped.

Why annoy my friends by telling them stuff they already know, they know what to eat and what to do but choose not to do it. I would rather have them as good friends for as long as they live. If they had asked. "Can you help me to change my emotions around food and lifestyle so that I can live and enjoy a healthier life," sure I would have helped.

I sent a draft of this to both of them and got two entirely different replies, yes they are still both good friends, One said. "You are right Mr, it is just not important enough to me. I enjoy my food and the way I live, see you next week as usual."

The other asked if he could pop round for a chat. We did, and he pointed out to me something that I thought was very switched on of him. He said. "To get this fat off I have to become a different person, don't I". Well, yes. I replied. "If you keep doing what you are doing, how the hell do you expect things to be different?".

Apparently, he has made a decision to become a different person. Cool. I asked him what had made him wake up to this. He had noticed that I seem to eat what I want, drink what I want, work through the night when needed and play like a ferret, but when I have downtime and get really high and relax, I chill out totally.

I also seem to have helped not through therapy but. He had noticed recently, I seem to get excited about cooking and mentioning to him the amazing salad I had last night with a new dressing. The original recipe I have tried for a lamb hotpot. The new steamer I got and the smaller slow cooker.

He had also noticed that despite not doing our long rides together, due to the British weather, "You don't seem to have put any weight on". He also remembered that we had discussed how we would train through the winter and had discussed indoor turbo training.

Suddenly he had noticed that I now had a turbo trainer, a few more DVDs and some new training equipment. I just looked at him and said. "I guess we demonstrate what is important to us, by what we do, not what we say."

"Yes," He replied.

Since then he has decided to become a different person. He talks about the new cooking equipment he is getting, we discuss recipes, he has borrowed a DVD or two, yes they were indoor training. He rings to say he has done a fantastic workout and his heart rate is changing when he exercises. He has borrowed a book or two on stretching and increasing his flexibility.

He walks to the shops instead of driving. He seems to smile more and is beginning to raise his standards and have a better life. He is playing with a new diet. We have to get him off that idea, he has come so far.

Diets don't work long term. They are meant to be a short-term fix, any intelligent person knows that. "You have to eat sensibly for the rest of your life."

It's Christmas Eve as I write this and he has just rung to ask if he can pop round later after he has been shopping, "Sure" I said. "Getting anything nice?"

"Yes, I thought I would attempt that recipe you told me about for smoked mackerel, for Christmas Day and if its fine tomorrow do you fancy going for a ride in the morning? If the weather is bad we could both log on to Skype and do a turbo work out together," That's something I had not thought of, now he is changing and thinking creatively,

So out of my two friends which one do you think will lose weight, become slimmer and healthier and feel good about himself? The one who has up until now done nothing, or the one who demonstrates what is necessary for him by taking the appropriate action?