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Looking at the list of problems that needed to be fixed
To enjoy cycling.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling. Part 4.

So I had a mind map with tens of possible glitches on it. I always like to start with something that is often overlooked “common sense and reality checker” it also allows us to reduce some of the things we have to do and clear the decks of many of the minor concerns.

Often when we use logic things clear, it takes our minds out of the stressor over emotional response, looking at the list it was apparent that some of the concerns could be cleared using common sense. So I set to work.

So what can I fix using common sense first? Let us begin to clear the undergrowth.
If you are in stress response and having negative emotions, just do the basic eft drills and turn it off. Then this will work.

I started with the simple stuff when saying it out loud the solutions began to come.

Carrying “all the stuff I ride with” How can I carry “all the stuff I ride with” How much stuff will I ride with as I will be going further and faster?
This glitch is so simple to fix it almost seems absurd, however, a part of me for whatever reason had an emotional problem with it. A saddle bag and a cycling top with three pockets sorted this one out. Sometimes things can be that simple. Fixed.

Becoming more conspicuous on my new road bike?
Logical and rationally this was, and is very easy to fix. I already had a conspicuous cycle helmet, a high viz jacket and reflective ankle bands. I had noticed a few other cyclists on the road who had lights on during the day, and they were very noticeable. So researched lights for daytime use and decided to buy them. Once this was done the problem went, and the Trek still looks lovely. Fixed.

On the new bike can I fit a large mirror so I can see behind? I had never seen them on road bikes. This was very simple to fix as it just required a search on the internet to find out if this could be done.

Followed by a telephone call to John Atkins Cycles to discover if they had a hood mirror for a road bike, they did, and the next day I bought it, fitted it and went for a ride to test it out, my inner kid was delighted with the results. Fixed.

The ride would be entirely different. Muscular pain and suffering. Different muscles would hurt.
Sure they will, you're riding position will be different, and you may have to exercise to strengthen some parts of your body. Learn what muscles and core strength a cyclist needs, discover what pro-cyclists do in training, how is the shape of a keen amateur or pro different from Jo Public.

Having the bike fitted correctly is a big thing and that was already covered. Yoga and Pilates and weight training are big things with many, well I already do all those, so I choose to discover specific exercises to begin to change my body. I again re-calibrated on the negative associations, and things had massively cleared up.

I was slightly overweight I will look silly an “old man in Lycra”.
This one would require a bit more work, logic and a new mind map. Fixing an old fat, overweight man in Lycra. This was easy to set as all I had to do was neutralise the negative responses and then work out what lifestyle changes and habits I would have to make to lose weight, improve my body tone and feel great about my body. Then implement all the changes and make them vital.

This work removed some of the common sense problems, and as the irrational concerns cleared, I felt a lot happier about the arrival of my new bike. So now the little things were fixed, and I was feeling a lot better about the original Trek, things were looking up.

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