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The bike arrives.
A can of worms, deeper emotional problems are uncovered.

EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding. Part 5.

The new bike has now ready for me to pick up, so off I went to get her. At Atkins Cycles, they did the last few tweaks on fitting the bike, and I set off home for the first time, very excited.

Boy, was this ride different, the new toy was very twitchy, responsive and fast. Not only did it feel bizarre but I could not get to the breaks without going all over the road. On a road bike, the brakes are in a different position from a cycle with flat handlebars. By the time I got home, I was wondering if I had made a big mistake.

I decided to play for the next week going for rides and getting used to the bike, and things were improving. However, some significant concerns cropped up. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a very experienced cyclist, and he said that this was normal "just get used to the bike and ride it for a while before you make any changes".

I decided to take his advice and again mind map my concerns and fears. Once again I was in a chair with a cup of tea a large sheet of paper for my mind maps and some coloured pens. Now that I had cleared much of the
undergrowth, all the little irrational glitches this would be easy.

I came up with the following negative feelings along with the usual internal frightened or concerned voices in my head.

• The ride was entirely different.
• It felt strange, unusual, unfamiliar, exciting, challenging.
• Different muscles hurt, triceps and neck.
• The bike is so sensitive.
• I was overcorrecting.
• I might fall off if I needed to break fast.

So I looked at these: The ride was entirely different. It felt strange, unusual, unfamiliar and challenging and I hurt. The bike is so sensitive I was overcorrecting. Problems, reaching the breaks.

As this is mainly about using emotional freedom techniques with a few tweaks, I tapped while saying. “Of course the ride is different, and as I ride more it will become familiar, as the bike has been well fitted to me, the position is almost perfect, and over time my body will get used to it.

Tapping in beliefs and responses.

The more I ride, the more comfortable I will become I can practice becoming more sensitive to the machine, and as I do so, the overcorrection will reduce”.

As I did this different aspect of these problems came up, and they were dealt with and explored and cleared. This often happens during EFT and is normal and to be expected.

I then switched to a different EFT/NLP technique that involves what is known as a "
transderivational search". Basically, you direct your own subconscious mind to find the answers for you, and you then test them out.

You can ask a question such as "Even though I don't know what the problem is if I did know what could it be?"

So I started to play,
“Even though at the moment I feel uncomfortable riding this amazing machine, and I don't yet feel as if it fit's me like a glove and I am using different muscles, and I choose to allow my body to change and grow. What can I do on my next ride to enjoy the experience more".

You may notice that the setup statement above is a little more complicated than the basic eft drill.

Answers came.
"Relax more when riding, ride slower, increase my awareness, go for shorter rides and play with her".

I realised that some physical changes would take a few weeks to make, so tapped these in as "new choices and habits". This uncovered a new can of worms, so I dealt with these, and went for a ride.

I felt easier more comfortable and less fearful, however still concerns over the breaks and falling off and getting injured. We may be getting closer to fixing this problem.

During the test ride, I stopped at one of my favourite resting places and watched the buzzards soaring on the thermals and practised cloud busting, played with a beetle and just enjoyed all the beauty around me. Something that when we are working on improving ourselves is vital.

As I sat in the sun, I gently did a "fast emotional freedom technique" a technique I often use saves a lot of tapping and as your subconscious mind gets used to the drills.

It is almost as if it says "OK I know you want to get rid of this, it's gone, I will only get back to you if something big is involved"

My set up statement this time was something like.
"Even though this lovely bike at the moment feels strange to me, how can I change my body, today to allow me to ride in greater comfort? What tension can I release, when I get on it in a few minutes, how can I relax and enjoy the ride home more."
Another "transderivational search".

"Play with the breaks while I relax your mind and body more" was the answer.

OK, that sounds fun. On the way home I played going for the breaks and practised moving smoothly from the hood to the breaks and dropping on to the handlebars, this would take some practice, however, if all it takes is practice, that's easy to fix.

In the next article, I will go through what happened and what I discovered when I went for the core issues and all the games I had to play. The process of getting what you want often takes a bit of work.

It may seem like a lot, however, in real time, it took only about twenty hours. That is not a lot of time for the results I got and the amount of pleasure that I will get for the rest of my life.

The thousands of miles to ride.
Health benefits.
Emotional tranquillity.
New people to meet and play with.
The animals I will see and meet along the way.

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