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EFT asking the right questions.
Using EFT to fix my mac.

After turning off all my negative emotions and associations concerning the problems I was having with my mac and Rapid Weaver the first thing I did was.

Decide my outcomes, what I wanted to achieve, it may sound simple but unless you know what you want, how will you know when you have it?
I wanted my mac to run smoothly and fast with few glitches.
I wanted to discover what I needed to change to activate this.
I wanted to be able to make changes on my site and have it published.
I want to discover what I have to do to make this happen soon.

You may notice that I have a few presuppositions in there, when using emotional freedom techniques at this level, it is a good idea to include them as it tells your brain what is going to happen, you are also using post-hypnotic suggestions, as we all use them anyway, might as well make them good ones. I took responsibility for my situation and expected to have to "do stuff" to make it happen.

So I stood up and started to do my EFT drills.
Set up statement: "Even though I don't know what the problem with the mac is, if I did know what it was, what will it be." As I thumped my sore spot.

A voice I recognised in my head as being a good one said to me. "this glitch started after you downloaded apples latest updates, they are making changes for the new operating system, and that has caused the problem, upgrade to Lion".

"O. OK"
"Anything else I got to do"?
"Clean the mac up, dump anything you don't need, then back it up."

Often when we want to fix a problem we are experiencing, we have to do more than one thing. We have come to expect a one fix wonder, yet the reality is usually different. To get this working, I had other stuff to do. I went through my computer and deleted all the things bought or downloaded because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Found thousands,.Jpg's that were on my hard drive cleaned it all up and ran the maintenance programs. That took hours.

So much for emotional freedom being fast, well it is, however when you discover what you have to do, to sort out everything you have built around your problem, that can take time.

Next day I backed everything up. That took hours as well, and while I was waiting for this to happen, I got a strange urge. Remember in the last article I mentioned that when I have glitches with my computer, it seems to coincide with the changes I need to make in my life. I started to go through draws cleaning all the junk out, that had been lying around for years.

I threw away all the old clothes and stuff I had not worn for years, and as I did, so I relived the memories associated with them, some good, some bad, and as I did this I tapped on the old memories that came up. A sort of "
personal peace procedure”.

By the time I had finished all this the backups were done. We were now ready to download the new stuff.
The download went well, and when it had finished I played for a while and noticed all the new features, not many really, but some cool new stuff and the mac was running smoother and are faster.

Ok, let's work on that website. It worked, and everything was going well until I attempted to publish it. The bloody thing would still not work, and the tech guys at RW had still not got back to me. A week or so later I got an e-mail from them apologising. Apparently, my e-mail has been sent to the spam box. The advice they gave was good, but by then I had already done it. Thanks anyway, guys.

Naughty feelings began to well up in me, thankfully I came
off auto-pilot and took control. Let's start tapping.

"Even though I did what I was told by my self, the bloody thing still does not work, if I was a switched on genius what would I now notice I have to do to fix this, what have I missed?"

I set in motion a
"transderivational search" along with, embedded commands and presuppositions while doing the EFT drills. As you can see advanced emotional freedom techniques go way beyond the "basic drill" that's why the good guys cost more.

A whole bunch of stuff came up, things I had chosen to avoid looking at, yes I had lied to my self and created excuses that I then decide to believe, and as always this contributed to the problem, it was now time to clear it up. I did a simple "mind map" and looked at what I may have to do.

On it was stuff about old plugins, snippets and templates bugger, back to them. I had been told when all this started to make sure they were all up to date, and I had done some of it. To be honest, I made up "
excuses to avoid doing it," seemed like to much work at the time. Had I done it weeks ago, who knows how much easier things would have been?

Have you noticed that in your life "you know what you should be doing, but you make up excuses for not doing it"? You "lie to yourself and believe your own lies". That's really all excuses are, and this usually leads to more problems and emotional hassle. Back to RW glitches.

So I went through all the stuff I had, the templates, snippets and plugins, and noticed loads of them I had never used. I found the ones I did apply and trashed the rest. Now instead of hundreds of them to go through I only had about twenty. I e-mailed all the developers of the software and asked how I could get any updates if needed, and while I was waiting as I expected it to take a few days for them all to get back to me, I started another transderivational search.

"What can I do while I am waiting that will get me more income?" "Rebuild the site and make it something better" was the answer. Dam, more sodding work. But hang on come off auto-pilot I had asked a valid question and did not like the answer. Oh, now from what I had discovered about lying to myself and making up excuses I knew what to do.

More tapping. "Even though I asked a question and did not like the answer I got, I love and accept my self" All the negative little "tail-enders" switched off. All the excuses stopped. Lovely OK, so what are the benefits of taking the time to rebuild the site (another TS) as expected a massive list of positive benefits came flooding into my mind, and this was enough to get me started. It ended up taking about seventy hours and will be worth it.

When you ask the right questions, and the quality of your communication improves with yourself, life gets better. As Richard Bach says in The Messiah's Handbook "The biggest reason you don't get answers is that you haven't asked the questions" When we ask great questions we get great answers that will dramatically improve and change our lives.

All the software developers got back to me and most sent me the updates for free, so I installed them all and. The bloody thing still crashed and would not publish. Ok, so what else can I do that will get it to work? What am I missing?

That good voice again answered, "Have you updated Rapid Weaver?" Well, no I had not, so I did and guessed what it worked. If we go back to what I originally wanted.

I wanted my mac to run smoothly and fast with few glitches.
I wanted to discover what I needed to change to make this happen.
I wanted to be able to make changes on my site and have it published.
I want to discover what I have to do to make this happen soon.

As I was specific as to my outcomes and as I was prepared to do what was necessary to get them. I got them. Life is a bit like that. Define what you want, why you want it, and do what is necessary to get it and most of the time you do. Of course along the way you will have to do lots of other things, learn other stuff, let go of many things that have been cluttering up your life or computer, learn to be honest with yourself, calibrate and re-calibrate, spend time effort and money, but if your goals are worth it, then it is worth the cost.

I guess that we all demonstrate what is essential in our lives, by what we do not what we say. I would like to thank Apple for making a great computer, Rapid Weaver for a fantastic program, all the developers and tech guys who offered advice and most of all me for what I have learnt.