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Stuff I use to get to sleep and beat insomnia.
Using EFT NLP Hypnosis and common sense.

Sometimes in my life, I have had insomnia when I could not get to sleep and tossed and turned and just could not relax. At other times it was caused by pain or illness, and that changed the equation and what I did about it.

At other times it was caused by worry and anxiety or grief when someone had died. Then there were sleepless nights caused by environmental factors.

Whatever the cause I made a decision that how I responded to it was up to me and I could learn what I had to do to overcome the problem. In the beginning, it sometimes took a while as I had to heal, or any other changes needed to be made first, but later it became rapid.

Only last night I went to bed, and my mind was racing, and for about five minutes I could not get comfortable and tossed and turned.

I decided to do something about it and used a technique I had not used for a while. Next thing I remember was waking up this morning. With the right attitude and practice, you can get to sleep that fast.

As with many things in life you have to do or learn stuff, sorry guys when it comes to your relationship with you, often we have many things to learn and do. However, the only person who is always with you is you.

So learning how to become your own best friend and learning to enjoy and play and direct yourself is the most important thing you will ever learn. Your brain, your thoughts, your emotions what you do or choose not to do you are responsible.

You will find links to other pages that go through beneficial and proven techniques that I have used down the years to fix insomnia, sleepless nights and sleep problems. In every case, I did stuff or learnt how to do things. Now it's fast and straightforward to overcome issues with sleep.

The first technique I go through many seem long-winded, but it took about five seconds to do. If the skills needed seam too much effort. Then toss and turn. You, after all only spend about a third of your life in bed. Learning to sleep well is as important as the most essential things in your life.

Your quality of sleep will affect all arrears of your life including your health and relationships, not only with yourself, but work, children partners, your sex life and will impact on almost every facet of your existence.

On this website, I like to tell it as it is. Below are some links to other pages where I go through techniques or combinations of methods that I use to get to sleep quickly at night, or during the day.

If I have to work through the night to get work done, I will do it. So sometimes I will sleep while you are awake. I have learnt to take cat naps and of course, determined to function at a very high level when for whatever reason sleep was not possible.

So what do I use and how do I do it?

So what happened last night? Well, I had had a fun day and was excited about what I am going to do today, so went to bed excited and not really tired. My mind was not in sleep mode. I spent a few minutes attempting to get comfortable and was unable to.

First off, common sense.
Recognising the reality of the situation, change or fix what you can and what you can't change, change your emotional responses to.

I turned off the excitement and began to slow down the voice in my mind, anyone with a basic knowledge of NLP can do this. Learning how to change your internal dialogue and shift states quickly can fix many problems especially confidence and self-esteem issues.

Then all I said to myself was.
"OK it's now time to begin to fall easily asleep, I wonder if I can fall asleep before I get to one?"

I started to count backwards from ten and blacked out and woke up this morning. OK I am excellent at, and my subconscious mind is an excellent friend, so it is a bit easier for me. However, you can learn to do the same. In this case, I used self-hypnosis, embedded commands, presuppositions. It was simple and effective.

Falling asleep with practice can be this easy if you would like to learn how just give me a call.

Self-hypnosis mp3 downloads to help
Reduce Your Stress or Insomnia from my other site.

If your problem is due to medication or illness your first point of call must always be your doctor.