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Student problems being at University.
Warwickshire Help.

Many young people have problems being at University and as the support systems get better.

However. It seems as if a growing number of young men and women are experiencing emotional problems dealing with this time in their lives.

Sometimes you have to go outside the usual support systems to get productive and fast help.

First, let us look at the benefits of attending university and getting a degree.

Your income may well be higher.
Most people with a degree earn around 50% more than those without one.
You have less chance of being unemployed.
A more extensive range of jobs and career.
Greater opportunities to experience a broader range of life experiences.
It’s usually great fun.

But what of the downsides? The first time a young adult is away from home. For some, this is a rude awakening. Many experience psychological and emotional problems with no family or friends to support them. They can be on their own and if they do not have the social skills and maturity to cope then things can go wrong.

Unless you have a Good degree, it may be worthless.
Some of the problems they experience include.
Student Fees and Loans.
Low Confidence and Self Esteem.
Loneliness and Home Sickness.
Eating Problems.
Self Image and Body Image.
Anxiety and Stress issues.
Relationship Problems.
Managing Finances.
Time Management.
Sexual Uncertainty.

It can be a huge wake-up call to realise that you are the same as most of the people on campus and to some inferior. You may not have the skills, self-knowledge and discipline you need and will have to work harder to complete your course. Years of being told that you are bright, intelligent, handsome, beautiful and can be anything you want to be, become tested.

The good news is that you can learn the skills to allow your time to be pleasant and very enjoyable. Milking the system for what it is worth. So that you can look back at this time as being very pleasant and worthwhile and enjoyable and great fun.

Over the last twenty years, I have been helping clients from various local universities including Oxford, Birmingham, Warwick and Coventry. I am based in Leamington Spa which has a large student population.

If you are local and need help with emotional issues that you may be experiencing consider calling me and we can discuss your problems and find practical ways for you to get back on track with your studies and enjoy life at University.

You have a fantastic opportunity seems a shame to waste it. When with a little knowledge and growing you can turn this around. The skills you will learn will serve you well not only now but later in life.

If you are not local, you may want to consider the self-hypnosis recordings that I sell. These are not the usual watered down recordings that are on the net. These are the real deal. You can download them to your MP3 player or phone and get benefits today.

You may also consider using the Emotional Freedom Sessions on Skype that I offer.