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Stung by Stinging Nettles. Using E.F.T.
To ease the pain and then forget about it.

I have just come back from a lovely bike ride (Route 41) along the canal towpaths and disused railway lines and through the beautiful English countryside in Warwickshire. It was perfect.

On my way back I stopped for a drink and just to enjoy the countryside, I propped my bike up against a post and sat down. “Christ that hurt.”

I had put my hand on a bunch of stinging nettles. Many profanities later I thought of using hypnosis or NLP to remove the pain as many times in the past I have done so, and then wondered if EFT would work just as well? Got to give it a go. So I did.

“ Even though I have all this pain and discomfort from the stinging nettles, I love except and appreciate my self and forgive myself for not noticing them, and placing my hand on them.”

As I tapped and rubbed the points. At the end of one round, the pain had almost gone.

So I then added without tapping as I already have an anchor set up for that. I know it is using a bit of NLP Just makes it quicker and I now knew the E.F.T would do it anyway.

So I fired my anchor and internally said. “Just forget about it," and I did. Only when I started to write about it did a slight itch come back.

When I have posted this on this website, I will forget about it again.

So what Garry said about attempt it on everything seems to make sense.