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Did Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT fix my Mac Problems?

I have recently had a few problems with my web building program. It is called Rapid Weaver. It started to do some bizarre things, crashing and when I built new pages, others disappeared from the site, not a good thing. I was stopped from making changes and correcting stuff, as my income comes from the web, it was an exciting time.

This started to happen after I downloaded the latest Apple updates for my mac from apple, the next day things started to go haywire. I could no longer use Skype, Safari was not working correctly, things were crashing or just not working.

So I went on the forums, and lots of people were having the same type of glitches, but no reliable answers. RW had also just released a new version of the program, and some people also had glitches with this. The forums were not much use, so after a while, I got really pissed off and even considered switching to a different system.

The forums had suggested that it would be a good idea to make sure that you had all the latest updated versions of all the plugins, snippets and templates. Great hundreds of the bloody things to go through, and it may not solve the problems, as it seemed to be connected with the apple updates.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend too many hours sitting at a computer, not good for my back.

Now, I have been a therapist for a while (since 1991), and one of the systems I have mastered is emotional freedom techniques EFT, as the creator of it a guy called Gary Craig has suggested "try it on anything" I thought this may be a rare and unprecedented opportunity to experiment. Yes, I also do NLP and hypnosis.

So I started to play, down the years I have noticed that when my computer starts to play up, it has coincided with changes I need to make in me, may just be a coincidence but we do seem to grow and change and require the regular clean up or upgrades. The idea of cleaning and upgrading our mental and emotional hard drive is something to consider.

Time to begin, the first thing I did was to turn off my feelings of being pissed off, angry and totally confused along with all the negative perception and thoughts I had been holding towards Rapid Weaver and Apple, and my sense of being inadequate and not knowing enough about computers, programs and web building.

This was done with the basic eft drills and some reality checking and energy drills.

The results were good. I realised that down the years Rapid Weaver was a great program, that had only just developed glitches. I liked it, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred it worked perfectly. The same with apple and my mac, down the years both amazing.

Now I had a realistic, emotionally stable place to start. One of the effects of stress is that we can become highly emotional and when this happens we lose track of reality and often do and say dumb things. A stress response is not a right place to make intelligent decisions. Most stress is created by us, generated by what we do in our own minds, so it is up to us to get out of it.

We are responsible for it, and it is our personal responsibility to learn how to avoid doing this to our selves. So this neutral state allowed me to take an honest look at the situation and begin to re-engage my brain and find ways to solve this problem.
What I did and how I did it is in the next part of this article, the link will be below.

The Mac and Rapid Weaver seem to be working very well with very few glitches now, if you are having problems with your mac after Apples latest updates and have not yet got Lion, or if you have suddenly developed issues with Rapid Weaver and are not using RW5. You may find it interesting.