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Problem Gone. So what now?
Have you considered using eft when your problem has gone to continue to improve your life?

Often people come across emotional freedom therapy and techniques because they have a psychological problem, they want to get rid of. Something that they feel bad over, and they want to change it. This is wonderful, and many just leave it at that. The problem has gone, and they get on with life and may never return to EFT again.

Some however think. “ok” this worked well.
“How can I use it in other areas of my life”?
“What else can I clean up”?
“ What else has been limiting me”?
“How far can I take this”?
“What habits, behaviours or attitudes have stopped me from achieving all the things I desire”?

Often when you use EFT other things will change as well. You get “cognitive shifts” and a new perspective on life. One guy I know needed to do deep core work on his abdominals to help support his back yet was having difficulty in doing his exercises every day. Even though he knew it was vital to prevent his condition from getting worst.

So he started using emotional freedom techniques on why he was avoiding, what he needed to do. He uncovered a few things that were limiting him and went to work on sorting them out. Soon he was able to train 2-3 times a week and also started new exercises.

One day a friend suggested he get a bike and start to go for “little bike rides”. The idea was stupid. However, he noticed that this was an “auto-pilot response”. He got off it, with a smile and tapped and found out that the idea was “not so bad”.

A few days later he found an old bike in a junk shop and bought it, then he started to go for “little bike rides” with his friend and although at first, they were challenging and painful, ( yes he did the drills on this, as he noticed other auto-pilot responses ) after a week he began to enjoyed them. He now does 40-mile rides with his friend, and they have ‘gentlemen days out’ riding in the Cotswolds and are planning more extended trips.

Whats more he has now started yoga and pilates and walking and has noticed many changes in his life. I recently asked him how things have changed? Some of the things he saw.

Generally more relaxed.
Fewer mood swings.
Feels healthier and alive.
Dreams have come back.
Drinks less.
Smokes less.
Looks forward to the rides and training.
Far more sociable.
Talks, to more interesting people.
Meets lots of attractive women.
Feels in control.
“I have found a new exciting and healthy pastime.
O and for the first time in forty years I can see my abdominals.
So I feel younger and sexier.
I sleep better, and when I wake up in the morning I look forward to the day”.

All this happened when he noticed an auto-pilot response and played with it.
This kinds of change are common in people who get interested in EFT and play to discover what is possible.

Many new areas have opened up to people when they choose to use emotional freedom techniques and therapy in other areas of life after the original problem has gone. At times life changes direction.

The self-understanding and awareness these techniques can give you with practice are lovely, you get to become your own best friend. It does not mean that life will be full of roses and fluffy teddy bears. No, “stuff will still happen”. Life will still sometimes throw you a curveball. However you can deal with these things faster and with less hassle.

A friend of mine recently told me he had a full-blown “panic attack” and froze the other week. Now he is an excellent therapist, self-aware and does all his drills, just something he may have missed or as I later discovered something he was playing with.

So I asked him what happened?

He was P2 in an open cockpit aeroplane, and at about 800 ft after takeoff, “then, it hit him”. Just as the guy whose aircraft it was, said to him “you have control” ( This means you are now flying the plane.)

“So what happened”? I asked him.
“Just hit me, never flown one of these, and for the first time in many years, I was in an open cockpit. Last time I did that I crashed the bugger.”

So what did you do? I asked.

“Well. I came off auto-pilot and realised that this could be fun”.

He told me that he had been playing with “panic attacks” and had installed an “anchor” in his mind. It just happened to be a large button that said” Panic Off” so he imagined hitting it. Instantly the panic and anxiety stopped.

He then went on to have an enjoyable flight and re-experienced the joys of flying an open cockpit aircraft.

Emotional freedom techniques have a practical and valuable use in everyday life, all of our emotions have a reason, often they are just little signals to tell us to switch on and pay attention to this. Sometimes anger is the correct and most useful response, sometimes not.

Consider playing with E.F.T. when your problem has gone, learn about it and find beautiful ways that you can learn to have a better life, and as you do so, you may notice the lives of those around you gets better as well.