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Enjoying Insomnia, Sleepless Nights and Tossing and Turning.

I have recently been playing with insomnia and learning a great deal about myself and what it can mean to be unable to get to sleep at night. Now, you might think it strange that an experienced therapist would experience this glitch.

I live in the real world just like you and experience all the up's and down's and problems that you do, so it should not come as a surprise and it has taught me a lot about what you experience when this hits you and what you can do to get rid of it.

Many years ago I asked one of my instructors. "Now I know all this cool stuff when does it get easer and the problems stop coming"? He replied. "When you are dead, until then you have some very effective ways to ensure that you deal with the problems fast and along the way you will learn and discover much." He was and still is right.

I have down the years experienced insomnia and until I decided to discover what I could do to get rid of it, it did cause me a few problems. It was caused for many different reasons at various times. Sometimes it was caused by physical pain, that stopped me from sleeping.

Sometimes it seamed that I had got over tired due to work or more usually very hard physical training. At times it was due to noisy neighbours or other environmental factors. Sometimes I did it to my self due to bad lifestyle choices or bad habits that effect sleep. Looking back most of the time it was due to what my mind and emotions were doing.

My own mind was keeping me awake, what I was thinking or feeling emotionally was the main culprit in my insomnia. Once I realised this, then fixing this problem was down to me learning what I had to do to learn to control, switch off or change what I was thinking or feeling.

This is totally within my control, to learn and practice what I had to do in order to get to sleep easily at night. Yes, it would have been temporally at least, quicker to just use drugs or alcohol, but long term that would have been a very silly thing to do and just think of what I would have missed along the way, all that learning and skills developed to help myself and others.

This approach will not suite everyone, as you have to believe a few things to start with and may have to face up to a few realities and change some other stuff first. First off, I believe that I am responsible for my thoughts and emotions.

What I feel is down to me. It is then my job to learn and practice what I need in order to remove the glitch. So this is my angle and with this approach I am now able to fall asleep very quickly and with no effort.

Along the way I have borrowed or develop or learnt some very effective techniques that allow me to fall asleep when I need to. If you want to find out what they are you can click Some techniques for curing insomnia.

So the main things that I have learnt down the years as with most things in life is that I am responsible for me and I have to do what is necessary in order to get to sleep,
relax, slow my thinking down or change my emotional responses or lifestyle in order to sleep well.

I have enjoyed playing and learning I guess that's an attitude as well. I have enjoyed my bouts of insomnia because of what I have learnt I appreciate for you at the moment this my not be a reality.

If you are currently suffering from insomnia and tossing and turning at night, you can get relief, there is stuff you can do to make it different, there is hope and certainty out there. Sleeping well can again become a habit you will enjoy.

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