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How to keep your new year's resolutions using EFT.

We are coming up to that traditional time in the year when people begin to think about new years resolutions and changes they would like to make in the new year. Millions of people want to make a difference and plan to be different. However, very few will achieve what they say they want.

They make lists and plan to do things such as Loose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking, spend more time with family and friends, get out of a destructive relationship and in twelve months time it will be the same thing all over again. The new year's resolutions have failed yet again. So why is this?

We are creatures of habit and will tend to do what we have always done unless we have excellent reasons to make the change, we are also basically lazy and want things to be easy, we also have very little understanding of how we operate and why we do things, being creatures of habit.

I have always found it interesting that many also want to make the changes at the end of December and the start of a new calendar year. It would seem to me to make a lot more sense to plan to make things different at the beginning of the new financial year. But that is just a personal opinion, I may tap on it.

You can choose to make changes at any time of the year, even today, why put it off? Unless you are not truly committed and are just making
excuses to stay as you are, and that's OK. If you are content to remain as you are.

So what can you do to make sure that this time you make the changes you want and how can you use emotional freedom techniques EFT to make it easier this time?

Part one of how to keep your new year's resolutions using EFT.
The first thing is to spend a bit of time to discover what you want. That may sound simple, but very few people ever decide what it is they desire. Usually, they just make a spur of the moment decision to lose weight or get less stressed.

So the first thing to do is set some time aside and sit down with a pad and pen and write out what you want, I like to use mind maps as they allow me to explore all the ideas really. Did you know?

If someone has a new year's resolution but doesn't write it down, it occurs about 4% of the time. (A study was done in 2006)
However, if they just jot it down, then it happens around 44% of the time. (Same study)
Which means, just jotting it down is ten times more effective than just "thinking about it."
Around 3% of the population have well-written goals.
Those 3% make more money than the entire other 97% combined.

Might be worth thinking about.
So now you have some high goals for the new year.

Part two of how to keep your new year's resolutions using EFT.
Once you have the outcomes, you desire all the things you are going to make different this year. It is time to do an
ecology check, just to make sure all of you wants the changes.

Often we say we want something and it's almost as if a part of us is fighting against the change. Sometimes when someone decides to stop smoking, they can find that they start to smoke more, as if massive self-sabotage has kicked in.

Doing an ecology check will iron out the glitches so that you can avoid this, just use your EFT drills to remove the psychological reversal and mind farts so that you neutralise this glitch. Along the way, you will get a lot of insight as to the third thing you will have to do to keep your new year's resolutions.

Part three of how to keep your new year's resolutions using EFT.
You are going to have to change, evolve and grow. To live your life with these new things as a part of your life, you will have to develop new habits and behaviours, so that they become a part of you, how you are and just what you do. Setting new directions in life so that you become a different person is the easiest way to keep your new year resolutions.

I don't have to think about riding my bike or doing yoga or exercise it is a part of me and who I am. So it requires little or no effort to do these things, being a part of my life. Once you know what you want and have removed any subconscious incongruence, then all you have to do is develop the habits and behaviours that are necessary to have these things.

When your goals are behaviour driven it becomes much easier to get them as all you have to do is the behaviour, and that has become a part of you.

Emotional freedom techniques are instrumental in helping you to set, work towards and get the lifestyle you want. You just have to use it and do what is necessary.