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Enhance the Quality of Your Life with EFT.

For me, this is the most beneficial use of emotional freedom techniques and therapy. I know that many will find this strange, however, stay with me for a while.

The average person who has little control in life allow their emotions to sway them and are at the beck and call of all that happens around them. They are victims in life, someone or something makes them happy or sad or messes up their day.

They are continually responding to old outdated subconscious patterns or behaviours, things that have passed to the unconscious control mind and they just live on
auto-pilot. Allowing people and events to fire off what in NLP is called old anchors,

Yet as mature self-responsible adults we are responsible for your own emotional life. When, through using this system, many of your emotional problems have been removed, fears that have been holding you back, subconscious incongruence and old habits.

You begin to find a new found freedom and power in life, and that is when it gets really fun, and you are able to make the most dramatic changes in your life.

Often when we attempt to make dramatic changes in our life or lifestyle, we come up against a glitch. We are seeing what we desire through our current beliefs and habits and opinions.

In effect, we are looking at what we consciously say we want through glasses that are covered in muck. We also bring in to the equation all our old emotions associated with it.

A few years ago a genus called Ross Jeffries came up with the idea that helps thousands of men to make incredible improvements in life concerning, their fear of approaching women.

He noticed that when asked to approach women, men would do a fantastic thing in their minds, they would in effect take all their old negative feelings and rejections and opinions into the situation. They entered a state.

In this old state, they behaved as they had always done and had eliminated the possibility of acting differently.

So what he did was to get them to come with a new name. Now the name meant nothing to them, so they did not know what it was, and at a
subconscious level of mind, as they did not know what it was, they could not access any negative states associated with it.

So first he got them to design a specific state. Designing states is an area that has traditionally been the arena of NLP or DHE. However, you can do a similar thing using emotional freedom therapy, yet back to what Ross did.

He got the guys to design a state with many aspects including playfulness, genuine curiosity, brushing off insults and put-downs, quick thinking, self-confidence and humour. Can you imagine what is possible in this state?

He then taught them to access this state whenever they desired. This gave them more control over their emotional responses and gave them more power in their lives.

Then he let them know that sarging was going out and approaching and talking to women.

They had used a combination of NLP, hypnosis and state control to give them power in their life. They had designed how they would behave in certain aspects of life and remove the much-covered glasses, and remove all negative, old patterns of responses, in this situation.

The results were, and still are amazing. So how does this relate to emotional freedom therapy and enhancing the quality of your life?

Many of the emotional responses you currently have, are holding you back from playing in your world and enjoying true fulfilment and pleasure.

When these are removed, you suddenly discover that many areas of your life improve. You can adjust the quality of your personal relationships, Many of the pains in life are associated with the painful feelings we have with personal relationships. Just imagine, how would your relationships improve, if feelings of insecurity were removed about your loved ones.