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EFT Jellyfish.

Jellyfish is an expression used by some advanced EFT practitioners to describe a client who has an external locus of control. They are people who act emotionally and practically in life as if they are jellyfish adrift in the ocean with little control over where they go or what happens to them.

They will often blame others for their life and what has happened to them, how they are and what they choose to do and how they live.

They just drift along on the currents of life and often end up somewhere, doing something with anyone who comes along, of course, this also tends to make them victims.

Nothing wrong with this, as it makes for an honest life with little personal responsibility or personal power, things just happen to them caused by others, you can happily live like this for your whole life, and I have known many who are happy with this kind of existence.

This Locus of control is a theory in personality psychology which refers to the extent to which someone believes they can control events that affect them in their life. Of course, that is where emotional freedom techniques come in as it allows you to learn how to acquire the power through practice and self-knowledge to do just that.

Someone with an external locus would make excuses or blame or give power to a higher authority, God, the government, a person or to external events. Whereas a person with a high internal locus of control believe that events result primarily from their own behaviour and actions and these, of course, they can change. They just have to re-calibrate and do things differently.

These people tend to have higher levels of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. They also have a happier life's and are more successful whatever that means to them.

So how does this fit into EFT?
Emotional freedom techniques because they are designed to be used on a problem you have right now, allow you to move out of a jellyfish state and begin to increase your personal power and responsibility. When it hits, whatever it is you do something to make it different, you act, you take control for yourself and your emotions.

Being self-administered you can do your drills whenever the problem hits. This develops a whole new set of skills, habits and behaviours that allow you to experience a happier more contented life. You have begun to learn how to use your remote control instead of letting someone else decide what TV channel you are on.

That's a metaphor I like and use with my clients. That instead of just watching and listening to whatever is on your mental TV, you can learn how to operate your emotional remote control, and if someone else is deciding how you feel. Take the bloody thing off them.

Of course, you can just continue to drift along on the ocean currents, being taken wherever and after a while, you may well end up in a group of other jellyfish, a group of drifters. But as you have ended up on this site, that may not be you.