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Overcome Your Fears of Flying with EFT.
Have you found your reasons to remove it?

Many people insist that they have a fear of flying and that the thought of getting on board a passenger aircraft just send them into a state of panic, fear and worry. Some have never been on an aeroplane while others did have an experience in the past that caused them concern.

Basically, it is a self-induced anxiety disorder, and because you have created it, you can also change your responses, not only to the thoughts of flying even the reactions that you get while travelling.

Emotional freedom techniques can with use give you the relief that you need to overcome this habit so that you can in your future fly in an aeroplane and enjoy the experience if that is what you choose to do.

What many people often find strange when they start to use eft and begin to unravel the autopilot responses they have concerning being airborne, is that the problem is never with a fear of an aircraft flying as it was designed to do. The concerns are not very often to do with flying.

Down the years I have noticed that many times the real concerns are with.

Fear of the unknown.
Concerns about being bumped around and turbulence.
Anxiety about being over water or landing on it.
Fear of heights.
Worry about mechanical problems and terrorist attacks.
Being in crowded places.
Being in enclosed places.
Worry about the strange sounds onboard an aircraft.
Loss of Control.
Claustrophobia in the cabin.
Past experiences.
The hassle of it all.
Being kept waiting.
Getting money changed.
The cost.
Partners are causing problems on the trip.
Children are causing problems.

All of this gets projected on a beautiful flying machine that is designed to operate safely, economically and save you as much time as possible while you travel in comfort. If you think about it now, and you have a fear of flying you will recognise that much of the above is correct. Often it has little to do with flying safely.

Our brains are beautiful things however one of the problems is that they do not come with a full users manual. Often this fear is nourished and grows because the clients keep's feeding it and does not know how to do some elementary things.

Emotional freedom techniques with practice will allow you to learn how to remove the unpleasant and unhelpful fear, anxiety or worry you have concerning the fear of flying.

I was a private pilot and owned two of my own microlights and helped a friend to build two others. With this knowledge and experience, I do have a more profound understanding of aviation than the average therapist and have, in the past had fears and concerns being in the cockpit, and have been scared in the air. So I may be in a unique position to help you overcome your worries and anxieties.