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Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Lose Weight.
Who had grown into a healthier more toned, lovely guy.

Session three.
The next time I saw him, an entirely different guy was in front of me. He was smiling more joking with me, even asking me if I would like to see his abs, that were now beginning to show the first time in his life he had been able to see them, and he looked much slimmer. He even arrived dressed as a cyclist.

He had continued his daily drills and had been playing with emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and discovering what he could do with it. His eating habits had changed, and he had begun to develop a different lifestyle. Which had brought up some glitches he wanted to deal with?

This often happens as we grow and changes and develop and play more we begin to realise that many things in our lives are no longer what we want.

Sometimes this can cause us to reevaluate our lives, noticing how we live and the people we associate with and have in our lives. Much of this is due to learning to "love, accept and appreciate ourselves and forgive ourselves," this often leads to higher levels of
self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect, which is just the relationship you have with yourself.

We now want what is best or at least better for this new soul mate, the love of our lives, someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with, your true love and best friend. Yourself. This sexy, healthier growing more toned, mature, lovely guy was discovering this.

Just as a sideline.
Many years ago a guy discovered this "
he said love thy neighbour as thyself" had he been an experienced therapist and known what we now know, he would have known that most people do live by this rule. When you treat others as you treat yourself, if you truly love, accept appreciate and forgive yourself. Just imagine how you will treat others.

So my client was now in a position where he discovered that many people and things in his life were no longer what he wanted for his new growing relationship with himself and this was causing incongruence in his new found life. Some of the people around him seemed to become hostile with his changes and appeared to be attempting to sabotage him.

Some of his relationships, he had discovered were not healthy for him or the other person and he had challenges as he now knew that many people he no longer wanted in his life, our relationships and our friends and family feed, support and nourish us, a lot like food and many eating disorders have emotional drivers. As he has changed his relationship with food, he was also improving his other personal relationship's. They go hand in hand.

As you can imagine this had opened up a whole can of worms for him, however, the growing love and respect he had for himself and others meant that changes had to be made. So we started. But that will be a different article.

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 1

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 2
To Loose Weight Permanently We Have To Change Our Lifestyle and Eating Habits.