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Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Lose Weight.
Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Help a Cyclist Loose Weight.

I recently help an old guy who was overweight after a period of illness, he had injured his back, and after a lifetime of training in martial arts and yoga, he had become obese, due to it being excruciating to walk let alone exercise.

He had come to the stage when he was committed to regaining his health and missed the excitement and pleasure of hard physical training and the sense of achievement in reaching personal goals.

About a year ago, he had started to cycle and had found this a great way to rehabilitate after his injury and had grown to love getting on his bike. As he progressed, he had decided to buy a new bike, a road bike for going faster and further.

If you have seen a cyclist out on the road, you will have seen them ware some strange clothes usually hight visible and skin tight, and they can look great especially the fit young ones who have very little fat on them.

At his initial consultation for
weight loss he explained his desired outcomes: lose weight get fitter and stronger and assistance with making the lifestyle changes necessary to change his diet and enjoy eating healthy food. Along with the motivation to do it. As you can see a very switched on guy.

However this guy was not young and slim, he had a beer gut and was carrying a few extra pounds.

When we meet, it was explained to me, that he had realised that he needed to overcome his embarrassment of looking silly as he did not want this to prevent him from riding his bike

He also needed assistance in changing his lifestyle as he realised that the only way to effectively lose weight and maintain a healthy body was down to lifestyle changes.

That would make my life easier and allow him to get the results he wanted. Most people want the results without doing anything. They want to make no effort and are totally unaware that they will have to change. Others are disillusioned because they have done all this and still do not have the results. A part is missing.

At his first session. We started using "EFT" which is emotional freedom techniques. This system is highly effective for removing negative, voices feeling or emotions that we all have but prevent us from doing things that are important to get the results in life that we want. When you look at it, it is usually our emotions that get in the way.

So the first thing that we dealt with was his embarrassment of being seen in public in skin-tight clothing with a beer gut. That was easy to deal with using a mixture of "provocative therapy" and tapping as he said his set up phrases.

When we re-calibrated he noticed that a different part had opened up, he now remembered feeling bad when he looked at himself naked in a mirror. His head was filled with negative internal dialogue that made him feel horrible, these little tail-enders would need to be turned off.

So we had some self-image glitches to deal with along with self-love. EFT is one of the setup phrases, has us repeat “Love accept and appreciate myself”. Working with the self-love aspect may take some time (about three days) as we had a lifetime of negative programming to remove.

However with some cool techniques and the help of two fantastic self-hypnosis MP3”s “
Love Awareness and Understanding Parents" by Duncan McColl that would soon be dealt with, along with a daily dose of tapping.

I also showed him a few ways to turn off and change his negative internal dialogue that he said to himself and adapt them to more positive and encouraging self-talk that would encourage and motivate him.

End of his first session I gave him his
homework and explained what he was to do every day and off he went to play.

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 2
To Loose Weight Permanently We Have To Change Our Lifestyle and Eating Habits.

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 3
Who had grown into a healthier more toned, mature lovely guy.