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Excel at Sports Self Hypnosis MP3
by Duncan McCall.

I recently decided to get back into training in a more significant way and began to look at peoples hypnosis recording to help with specifically with my cycling and martial arts training. I have been using hypnosis for most of my life and have been a hypnotist since 1991, so it is not something new to me.

After buying many recordings that to be honest I was disappointed with, I remembered that I sell a sports recording my self, but had not played for a while. Today I went through it and realised what gold dust it is. Sometimes we forget what is on our own doorstep and what resources we already have close to hand, I am just as guilty of that one.

Today I realised just how far ahead of his time Duncan McColl was, the recording was done some time ago but still contains cutting-edge techniques along with a very useful and beneficial subliminal recording specifically designed to enhance sports performance and focus.

I have started to use it along with EFT as the two go very well together and as emotional freedom techniques use hypnosis they gel well together. For the first time in a week I got on my Trek and went for a ride today, it has been so bloody cold recently riding is no fun, well it was today.

You may be interested to discover some of the techniques used and whats on this fantastic self-hypnosis MP3 that will be of benefit to martial artists and cyclists and any other person involved in sports or competition.

As with all hypnotic recordings, it begins with an introduction and a bit of a talk about the recording and begins using positive suggestions very early on. It then introduces progressive relaxation and teaches you how to do this.

Later you are also taught something that very few do, the three levels of creative relaxation: physical, mental and emotional relaxation all three of which are required for you to relax genuinely. You are taken through them as you practice moving between them so that you become skilled in the use of these creative levels.

Many suggestions are made for your subconscious control mind to let go of false or unnecessary signals of stress and tension. You are introduced to the notion of doing a stress check many times a day so that your body-mind system develops an unconscious habit of automatically releasing unnecessary tension, which is vital in a high level of sports performance to move with speed, power grace and agility.

You are taken through an exercise for entirely associated with creative visualisation as well as mental and emotional rehearsal for success in your sports, along with time distortion exercises that allow you to accelerate and slow down time. Very few recordings have this technique on, and it is worth its weight in gold.

A profound self-hypnosis exercise for noticing and being fully involved and correcting any mistakes is included and is used as a hypnotic reinforcement to your subconscious mind. Allowing you to create positive anchors for future success. Along with helpful responses, like reading your opponents intentions if that is required in your sport along with suggestions for anticipating correctly and instinctively.

Duncan also has a few reality checkers on this recording, not a usual thing to do, but as it is designed to assist you with you genuinely training very necessary. At times we don't get what we want especially in sports, someone will beat us, we can lose, and it is how we respond when this happens that can be the most excellent teacher.

Suggestions are given to overcome adversity when things go wrong or mistakes are made. Recommendations are included for review and correction of errors. As with any other game, you may not seem to be able to change the conditions, so you change your attitudes and that way you always win.

Many helpful suggestions are used throughout this recording that allows your subconscious mind to improve essential things to all sportspersons, like weight, eating, drinking, sleep and avoiding unnecessary conflict and radiating confidence and self-worth in life and to the people you are in competition with.

Quite a package in one recording and you get a subliminal recording as well. I learnt as much from listening to this MP3 consciously, by that I mean while staying awake, it is usual to fall asleep to Duncan's recordings and he does recommend that you sleep to them as well as using twice a week "at a time and in a place where you will not be disturbed."

This beautiful self-hypnosis MP3 won't take away the fact that to become highly skilled you have to practice, a lot. What it does do, is give you the techniques for mental mastery to allow you to enjoy practice and progress faster and enjoy the journey. Use it with daily EFT practice and together they will accelerate your development.

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