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Does EFT Become a Subconscious Process with Practice?

Most people just use emotional freedom techniques to remove a problem and get on with their lives, yet it has so much more to offer when used at advanced levels. A while back I began to get reports from clients who had continued to use EFT regally after the original problem had gone.

These switched on people had found something beneficial and had asked a straightforward question (TS) what and how else can I use this? They did the drills on a daily basis and had learnt to do covert EFT and had also practised so often that the "Drills" had become an anchor for them.

I began scanning my self and realised that I to had allowed some of the stuff to become an anchor within my own energetic system. For those of you who do not know what an anchor is.

Have you ever been listening to the radio and a particular piece of music comes on, and instantly you are transported back ten years to the lover you had at the time, all the memories, thoughts and feelings come back to you?

Or. You are fifty years old and with your parents in some social situation and mum looks at you in "that way" Inside you suddenly feel like a five-year-old. They are two examples of simple anchors, we all have them, and one of the tricks of being an adult is to remove all the unhelpful ones and install excellent ones.

What the clients and I had noticed is that after a while, we were getting results with the drills with just a thought or simple hand movement. Now, this is cool and something that I decided to play with as it could be beneficial and it seemed like my subconscious mind had already set it up for me to use.

I got my first chance to play with it while on a bike ride with a friend, we were at about twenty-seven miles into the trip with another twenty miles to go and he had slowed down at a hill as he always does.

I noticed a sharp pain in my left shoulder and a negative internal voice in my head, "Why the fcuk does he always do this, just push" and a feeling of frustration in my body. The pain got worst, and also my triceps hurt. In an instant.

For a split second, I imagined moving my hand to my sore spot and said: "fix this for me."

Instantly the pain went along with the frustration. I also noticed that my body began to relax and I started to ride from different areas of my body. I then forgot all about it and enjoyed the ride and the company of my riding companion.

I contacted the old clients and related my experiences to them, and they said that they had experienced similar things, one said that he now just thought of moving his hand and it is almost like a little voice in his head says. 'OK. I know what to do", and the glitch dissolves.

It seems that with practice we build an unconscious habit of removing problems I know other systems also do this including NLP and hypnosis, however, I thought I would just mention it, as it may be something that you can play with and explore. So does EFT become a subconscious process with practice?