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Clearing the Undergrowth.
Dumping emotional baggage for great EFT.

It's a beautiful expression and fun to do. Often when we have an emotional problem running, it is complicated to see what is really going on and we do have some clearing out to do.

Most people have not done any kind of mental or emotional cleaning in life so they are running around with old ideas and programs and stuff cluttering up their mind and emotional energy fields, once we dump all the emotional baggage we can start to play.

A good cleaning and sorting out is in order. We all have draws and cupboards in our homes that we put stuff in just to put it away, you might even have an attic or cellar filled with junk and old stuff you never use.

However, the mental and emotional and energetic stuff you have, you are carrying around with you all the time. Just imagine the weight off your shoulders, when you take it all down the tip, you may even discover lost treasures.

Many years ago we bought an area of land at the back of the house, it belonged to someone who had died 20 odd years before and had not been touched since, just been left. When we went to look at it.

It was almost impossible to get in to and look around as there was so much undergrowth, brambles Japanese knotweed, trees that had fallen over and junk that had been dumped theirs down the years. It was totally overgrown and no use to anyone.

It took weeks to clear with considerable bonfires to burn all the rubbish and weeds, tons of garbage was removed, and we were left with a barren landscape to play with. A year later we had a great garden with ponds, greenhouses, a ferret run, swings for the kids, a garage and a workshop. We had many happy years in that garden. None of this would have been possible without clearing the undergrowth and rubbish.

It's the same with you. Once all the rubbish has been cleared you have room and space to see what is possible and plan your garden of life, once your undergrowth is removed, you can see what the structure is, and with emotional freedom techniques, we can see the core issues what really needs fixing or changing or getting rid of.