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Fear of Putting Contact Lenses in and Removing them.

I decided to try using contact lenses last week after realising that it would be difficult to get some prescription cycling glasses without spending a fortune. It is always sensible to use glasses when cycling, it stops the wind, prevents fly's going in your eyes and also improves your visibility.

I had told friends about my decision to try them and got many negative results. The thought of putting glass in your eyes scared many, and the idea of using contact lenses would never happen.

I thought about it and realised that the idea did not appeal to me either. But I want the cycling glasses.

I noticed that I had begun to run some scary movies in my mind and saw a few little negative emotions and voices in my mind.

Not a good thing, so I decided to stop doing it.

I told myself that as I had never done it and had never experienced it, I would choose to think about it in more positive ways and told my self I would handle it and learn from the experience.

About an hour before my appointment a friend appeared and needed my help badly, or so he thought. I called the optician and was in the process of cancelling my appointment and book another one.

The next appointment was for three weeks away, and when I opened my diary to put the new date in, I noticed that I was due to do a long ride around that time.

I had promised myself that if it were possible, I would have cycling glasses on that ride if I missed my appointment I would be letting myself down.

I asked the lady on the phone to please hang on and turned to my friend as I rubbed my sore spot as I said.

"I know what you want me to do is important to you. However, it really does not matter if we do it now or in two hours does it"?

He looked at me and said "no".

So I asked the lady on the phone if I could cancel the appointment I had just made and keep my original appointment?

She said "Yes."

So I did.

At the optician, they did some eye examinations, and everything went fine, and I was passed on to another person who was going to teach me how to put them in and take them out.

After discovering that I could not see the things without my glasses on, and failing to get my eyes to stay open, and learning how to touch my eyeball. The thing went in.

Blurred vision and a peculiar feeling. So I asked the optician to give me a moment and closed my eyes and rubbed my sore spot and relaxed. Never be afraid to do your drills, even in public.

Now for the left one, boy was my inner kid throwing a wobbly. Eventually, it went it. It hurt. A lot. We ultimately discovered that the top of the lens had bent over, they had never seen that before.

So now I had to take it out, and I was hurting. A tiny twinge of panic as after seven or eight attempts I had still not been able to get the thing out.

Time for some real good EFT. Once again I did my drills in front of the optician, relaxed and it came out on my fingertip.

So I popped it back in.


I went outside and walked around for about twenty minutes with my friend as I began to discover what it was like to wear contact lenses. At times I felt weird and was aware of the lenses. So as we walked around town, I did my drills and turned off the awareness and forgot I had them in.

Back to the optician and took them out. Ordered some and next week I cam really play with using eft for contact lenses.

When I got home I helped my friend with his problem, we sorted it, and then I did some reinforcement on my self so that I remember my first time with contact lenses as a learning experience that turned out to be fun.

Had I not done this I would have felt a bit of a prat.