EFT To Overcome Fears of Cycling and Bike Riding.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling. Part 1.

trek 1.1 fear of cycling.

My New Bike a Trek.

I recently bought a new bike, a Blue and White Trek 1.1 alpha. I have only been cycling for about a year and had discovered that cycling was a great way to rehabilitate after a back injury. I had been riding a Kona Dew, a great bike for many months and as my health and strength had improved I realised that I really enjoyed cycling, not just the health benefits but also the lifestyle, people that you meet and spent time with.

Getting out and back into the country side the sounds and smells and sights of nature, over the weeks watching baby ducks grow up, beautiful sunrises and sun sets and early morning mist. Sometimes getting up in the early hours of the morning and waiting for it to get light so I could go out and play. I was beginning to notice, as my confidence grew on the bike, that I was spending more time riding on the road instead of the canal tow paths and disused railway lines and cycle paths I had been using.

So it was time for my first road bike. I started to visit the local cycle shops, talk to other cyclists and friends, visit forums and read magazine articles. I finally settled for the trek and found my bike at
John Atkins Cycles in Leamington Spa, a wonderful shop if you are a keen cyclist, run by an X pro cyclist.

Well stocked and with knowledgeable and friendly staff. When I was being fitted for the bike on a turbo trainer, this took about forty five minutes the bike felt great by the time they had finished making adjustments. The guys who fitted the bike at Atkins Cycles are well know for fitting a customer for a bike, or more correctly fitting the cycle to the customer, a big difference. Boy was I looking forward to riding this bike.

Of course it would be a totally different experience from riding a sit up and beg bike, like the
Kona. I realised that however, I was not prepared for the experience although looking back it was predictable, hindsight is such a wonderful thing. As the bike would be ready in a few days I decided to make sure that I would really enjoy it and began a process known in NLP as an “ecology check”.

This is to ensure that your subconscious mind is in agreement with your conscious decisions as often they are not in agreement and many of our problems in life are due to this, as an experienced therapist using
hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) I had some great tools at my disposal and have a lot of experience helping people with sports performance and motivation.

It opened up many concerns that I had and required a great deal of personal insight and discovery and a lot of personal change. Often we can make changes fast and very easy, This article was originally written for an EFT therapists friend explaining the process, what I did and how I did it. So they could get insights to help a client who wanted to improve. It may also help sports people to gain personal insights as to what, sometimes we may have to do in order to improve. It is the kind of stuff that a good
personal coach would do with you.

It's long, so is split into many pages, however you may still choose to read it as it does uncover some of the ways our mind and emotions may well effect the goals and outcomes we want, and sometimes what we have to do to reach our goals, even if they are a simple as riding a bike. Of course many people will read this and say bloody stupid, it is obvious what he had to do. This is true, however often we are blind to our own solutions. and are running "
secondary gain" in our lives.

Part 1. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Overcome Fears and Anxieties of Cycling.

Part 2. Introduction to ecology check to clear some of the undergrowth that was limiting my future pleasure of riding my new bike and my fears and anxieties of cycling.

Part 3. Lets start with an ecology check.

Part 4. Looking at the list of glitches that needed to be fixed in order to enjoy cycling.

Part 5. The bike arrives. A can of worms, deeper emotional problems are uncovered.

Part 6. Get closer to any deeper or core emotional problems that often limit our lives.

Part 7. Fear of falling off a bike and being injured. EFT fixes it.

Part 8. Working with my inner child to remove negative emotions.