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About EFT Leamington Spa.

As you are considering me as your emotional freedom therapist to help you to remove some personal limitation emotional problem, glitch or issue you are currently experiencing in your life.

Or are considering me as your personal trainer to teach you how to use these fantastic techniques on yourself with your family or to help your students.

Then your first consideration is, do I have the necessary skills and experience to help you?

This page will give you some background information about my life, interests and experience.
This approach is uncommon with most therapists. However, I feel that you like me would want some idea as to the background of the person who may be helping you.

Unlike most therapists out there I do have a wide range of life skills and experiences, I am over fifty years old I have lived life to the full, experienced its ups and downs and throughout it, all have learnt.

Helped to raised children, experienced divorce, have been poor, comfortable, and wealthy at times in my life. Employed, self-employed and have been trapped in jobs for a while that I did not enjoy to the full but had chosen to do for reasons that I felt valid at the time. Whatever we do, is always accurate in some area of our mind. I have enjoyed learning all these skills and learnt to use them in the real world. Not just in the training room.

Since 1991, I have been in private practice as a therapist, so unlike most, I do have thousands of hours of real experience, with thousands of real clients, that down the years have been helped. When I first started, I think there were only two other hypnotists in the yellow pages, God knows how many are in it now.

The training schools are turning out therapists very fast, with some you can become one in a weekend and play at it for a while. Do you want someone like that helping you? I trust not

My interest in our minds, bodies and hypnosis started at an early age. I had always had an interest in yoga and martial arts, Dad was a 5th Dan in Judo, and my Grandfather learnt Yoga while serving in India. From the age of eight, I started to read and study mind systems and around this time began to hypnotise friends at school. Did get me into some trouble, but I was a child.

I also began to read books on mental training systems and magick (Yes. It is spelt correctly). Along with Raga Yoga a psychological control system, only to discover years later that neuro-linguistic -programming can get you the same results in a fraction of the time.

So what do I know about eft and energy work?
Playing in the various past times, I enjoyed as a child and since, allowed me to become aware of the possibility that the world is not always as it seems. Other things can and do play a part.

My first introduction to energy work started in the eighties, I was practising a martial art called Sung Moo Kwan Hapkido and was pretty good. One day I asked my master "How can I become as good as you, if not better."

He was switched on and did not kick my head off. "Learn acupuncture, learn what they have to teach a martial artist, anatomy, physiology, the locations of the points, whats under the skin, learn about the seasons, learn how the energies move in our bodies, our minds, and the universe, and practice intelligently, consistently and with intent."

So I have. Never became an acupuncturist, that does not interest me, but the energy stuff did and what I learnt become profitable years later.
I was training a hypnotist in an advanced system of hypnosis, Precision Therapy created by Duncan McColl.

When this guy began to talk about this fantastic new system a guy in the USA was using, called "Thought Field Therapy" It tied in with a lot of what I was at the time applying, so I got interested, and played and just added it to my toolbox.

I also got interested in a guy called Gary Craig who later went on to develop emotional freedom techniques. Sometime later on a seminar, I meet a guy Dr Jack LaTourrette, and he just blew me away, he is of a ”different calibre" I still learn from "The Doc" his approach towards eft and the practical approach is the most useful I have yet come across. So now I was fired up to learn as much as I could about this fantastic system, still am.

Anyway, as I was using emotional freedom techniques on my self and clients, I thought I had better get a piece of paper and be trained appropriately. So I went to Carl Dawson and trained with him, Carl is a great guy by the way. So you now have a bit of some of my experience and what I have done. So am I qualified to help you overcome your problems, do I have the skills and necessary experience? You decide.

Some more stuff below.

I qualified as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in 1991 with Neil French and The International Association of Hypno-analysts (IAH) and started my private practice that year.

At this time I was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of Internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist Duncan McColl of Pilgrim Tapes. Who continued to teach and guide me until his recent departure from this world.

In 1997 I trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and later became a Certified Trainer for Dr Richard Bandler.
I have learnt from some of the best trainers and practitioners of hypnosis, NLP and energy psychology, some of them are listed below:

Dr Richard Bandler, Ross Jeffries, Duncan McColl, Tony Robbins,
Dr Jack LaTourrette, Paul McKenna, Dr Yates Canipe, John Lavelle,
Mark Cummings, Tom Vizzini, Kim MacFadden, Michael Breen Neil French and Carl Dawson. So far.

So I may have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to help you with overcoming or learning how to make the changes you want in your emotional life. Below are some links to other pages on this site, to give you some more background information about me.

Not to boost me up, just to let you know that I have, and still do have to face and control or remove fear, anxiety, worry and sometimes panic. I really get outside my comfort zones to learn to grow and sometimes just to have fun and play.